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Dec 5, 2012 7:00am EST
of the pacific coast, including my state of washington. japan in the midst of the recovery of this disaster has shown extraordinarily leadership and friendship by recently announcing they will donate $5 million to the cleanup. it's important we authorize the marine debris act to ensure the noaa has the author it needs to work with the states to address this threat. so i very much appreciate the cooperation of chairman lobiondo for including this important environmental measure. and also applaud my colleague, mr. thompson, for his work to see this program re-authorized and mr. faverplet this legislation reflects fair and balanced compromise. we have an obligation to support the coast guard and support our u.s. merchant marine. have a safe and secure maritime environment, good for the economy, and good for the american people n my estimation this legislation fulfills that obligation. i urge its passage today. just briefly want to thank once gren mr. lobiondo for his in-- once again mr. lobiondo for his incredible work in bringing this legislation to passage. with that i reserve the balance of my
Dec 9, 2012 7:00am EST
the other day. japan just had another tsunami. the disaster of sewage and leaks. the climate apex for a meeting was just a in dubai. they came to the conclusion that climate change is over use of fossil fuels and natural gas and oil. the amount of fossil fuels utilize by countries with huge populations such as india and china. we need energy, but we need to move onto clean energy. that is one of the president's priorities. he can create a whole new infrastructure that replaces the military industrial that eisenhower warned us about. host: thank you for the call. speaking along the lines of the environment and the epa. there is this -- from "to the boston globe" -- this from "the l.a. times" -- from "the gazette" in colorado -- our question for you is, what the think the president's no. 1 priority should be? just is joining us on the democrat line. caller: good morning. it was a little bit of serendipity that you read the editorial from "the new york times." i believe the first priority, our entire government should be repairing the infrastructure of the country. we have some infra
Dec 25, 2012 7:00am EST
is going on in north korea, south korea, and japan. what does that prove for the administration? guest: you can put north korea in the same category as japan and south korea. they have taken power and have produced leaders but are still checked by the open society and by the democratic political system. kim jong un is the son of kim jong il who died about a year ago. to say he is a hawk misses the point. he is a tyrant. he continues to sell arms to countries like iran and build their nuclear program. host: south korea and japan -- any specific challenges? guest: the main challenge for the korean peninsula is that at some point north korea is going to collapse. it is already a basket case country. will you have the kind of transition you had in germany? today germany is to lay prosperous country. will south korea consider the north koreans to be their cousins and brothers? there is a huge disparity at this point. you can see the physical difference because of the questions of nutrition and the way they are raised. is a total state based on fear. the challenge is to figure out how to absorb w
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am EST
companies, and they compete with global multinational companies from europe, japan, asia, brazil. in some cases russia. and these places, you know, many of these places, their costs are way lower than companies face here in the united states. so, if you start telling u.s. companies you have to pay higher wage s just because we're making a rule that says you have to do that, they're going to basically hire fewer u.s. workers and hire more overseas workers because they can do that. again, the way out of this trap is to develop skills that other people don't have. so that you are not one of thousands who can do some interchangeable job. if you are just sitting there with the same skills as many, many other people, you are stuck. i know this is very difficult, it's expensive to get skills, it takes time. we have a lot of people cutting corners, living with family, finding ways to get the education you need. it is absolutely true that peoples living standards are going down. one might only hope that our living standards are high enough that we can maybe cut a few corners, do what we need to an
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
? caller: no, i have not seen it in there. the should have kept that in there. i was in japan for four years. their rules are a lot tougher hours. we had to carry id's around. -- around 24/7. host: what kind of work did you do in barrington, illinois? caller: i worked all over. if i want to find a part-time job, it is hard. the minute they look at her white hair, they say you are too educated or to knowledgeable. we can hire you. host: you don't like being retired? caller: i would like a part-time job to get out of the house. all you do is sit and watch tv and listen to complaints. the american public has no right in this country, in this state, unless you are illegal. i'm a vietnam veteran. i am ashamed of what you're doing to our veterans in this country. host: we appreciate your time. , in maryland, a democrat. -- alma in maryland, democrat. caller: i am calling with a request. you had a gentleman on the other day talking about the fiscal cliff situation. he seemed very well qualified to discuss the subject and answer questions. there is one thing that people do not seem to understa
Dec 22, 2012 7:00am EST
. as far as video games, they have them in canada and japan and they have violence and they don't have the means to act out. lapierre didn't mention anything about 100-round drums, getting rid of them, or high-capacity clips or gun loopholes and 40% of the guns bought in this country, there's no background checks. how many lunatics have those guns. and here in florida, lapierre talks about protecting the children. governor rick scott, our governor, 1 1/2 years ago signed a bill forbidding children's doctors from talking about gun safety in the home with their parents. why? the parents were insulted. they didn't want that subject brought up. so how many kids do you read about that find the idiot's parents and unsecured guns and shoot themselves, the little kids, and they are telling us they are worried about children? give me a break. host: let's move on to stanford, connecticut, bud is on our line for the n.r.a. go ahead. caller: yes. i would have thought he might have mentioned something about high-capacity magazines, especially those 100-round drums and those are not particularly rel
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
in anyone's backyard particularly since the tsunami in japan. the other problem is cost. said it cannot be competitive with natural gas. general electric is a company that builds nuclear power plants. you could make nuclear power work if you accepted as a sunk cost in the future. that is what the chinese are doing. they are building 32 new nuclear power plants to fund the country's future. the indians are building 17. yes, a different set of policies in this country and in europe might make nuclear power the hope of the future. host: let's bring the concept of the all-important dollar back into the equation. with budget matters in this country, do you see money being invested into these great big ideas? guest: these things are always economic issues in the end. what venture capitalist and entrepreneurs want to commercialize. i would say we have to invest in them. if we did not invest in them, we will pay for them later. the time to make inroads into creating a clean energy is now rather than having to clean up the mess of an overheated plan et. there is a plate of dementia or an emergin
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am EST
back. >> the chief of staff had to make a plan for the invasion of a japan without considering the atomic bomb. it was estimated that the land would cost 700,000 men and 250,000 of our youngsters and to be killed and 500,000 of them that would be maimed for life. >> as somebody in the middle of this, i choose to honor both, both the sacrifice and -- of american servicemen fighting their way through the a.f.c. and the little girl who died as a result of the atomic bombing. it's unimaginable what that must have been like to be close to that to the epicenter where that fireball originated in the blast. >> follow the journey to hiroshima. the president's eldest grandson discusses meetings with bomb survivors and the experience of the meeting through his trip on c-span3. >> as president obama begins his second term in office, what's the most important issue he should consider for 2013? >> if you're in grade six through 12, make a short video about your message to the president. >> it's c-span student cam video competition. the deadline's january -- for more information go to student
Dec 30, 2012 7:00am EST
independents. that is tonight at 8:00 on c- span's today." >> we had to make plans for the invasion of japan without the atomic bomb. we thought it would cost 700,000 men, 200,000 to be killed and 500,000 to be named by life. >> as truman's grandson, a choose to honor both, both the sacrifice of american servicemen fighting their way through the pacific and of the little girls who died as a result of the atomic bomb. it is unimaginable what that most of them like to be close to the center where that fireball originated in the blast was strongest. >> follow clifton truman daniel on his journey to hiroshima. grandsondent's eldest joined us in washington to discuss meetings with bomb survivors and the inspiration for his trip. that is on c-span 3. "washington journal" continues. host: our topic is the fiscal cliff. as we have done for the past several sundays, we will come joshua gordon and stan collender. thank you for coming back. stan, as we stand on the edge of the fiscal cliff, is there any chance we do not go over? guest: is pretty small. we are relying on a set that has been dysfunctiona
Dec 19, 2012 7:00am EST
fallows has written about industrial policy in japan. there are various levers that a country, including the united states, can push in terms of tax policy, subsidies for investment in certain areas. the japanese did this very aggressively in the 1980's and stole a lot of our semiconductor manufacturing. that is an area for exploration, for sure. host: i want to get in mary from kansas city on the republican line. caller: i just happen to teach in different schools as a substitute. i hear children all the time telling me what i tell them that you have to do this or that and they say why, and i say, because you want to go to college, don't you? oh, well, it will matter if i go to college. i will get taken care of any way. it will not matter if i have a good job or do not have a good job. i will be taken care of any way. guest: taking care of by welfare programs or what? host: i think we lost mary there. go ahead. guest: in almost every case, college is a really good investment. in fact, there is a piece coming in the future that talks about that. there has been a lot of talk about the hig
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10